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In order to complete the application you will need a Schooble account. A Schooble account provides you with a highly secure single point of access to all aspects of Music Service provision. This will be your own personal account for accessing our service including online payments via WorldPay.

More information is available on the Setting Up A Schooble Account page.

Notes for applicants:

Beginners are usually taught in small groups and all lessons take place once a week during the school day. Music Service tuition is delivered by qualified and experienced instrumental teachers.

There is a subsidised charge for Music Service tuition and instrument hire and you will be required to set up payments online when lessons commence. Group lessons cost £35 per term per student and instrument hire charges are £20 per term. There is no cost to students receiving free school meals. You will receive an average of 10 lessons per term.

In order to make good progress on their instrument your child will need to practise regularly at home for about 10 – 15 minutes most days and they will have a practice diary to help them in between lessons.

Please make sure you select the correct school and the correct instrument and request hire of an instrument if required. Our very strong advice is that pupils should not receive tuition from more than one teacher on the same instrument (for example in school and also with a private teacher). It can be very difficult for pupils to receive advice from teachers with different teaching styles and impede progress.

Please note that the Music Service is unable to provide tuition for more than one instrument per pupil.

Tuition on guitar plus strings, woodwind and brass instruments is offered to pupils in Year 5 and above where teachers are available. Tuition is also available in percussion (tuned and drum kit) and voice for students in Year 7 and above. Please check the FAQs for instrumental groups if you are unsure.


We have a stock of good quality student instruments available for hire to every child in receipt of Music Service tuition, with the exception of drum kits. If you decide you would like to purchase an instrument for your child please ask us for professional advice so we can help you you find the most suitable instrument for your child at their stage of learning. This can often avoid costly mistakes. Please note that we do not sell instruments through the Music Service.

Other equipment

From time to time we will ask you to purchase a music book which will complement the schemes of work we use in schools. We are careful to bear financial implications in mind and will make sure that the music we ask you to purchase will last a while. All instruments need various accessories that will need replacing every so often. Oboe, bassoon, clarinet and saxophone players will need to purchase reeds, string and guitar players will need strings and brass instruments will need valve oil. Percussion students will need ear plugs to protect their hearing plus their own set of drum sticks. Your child’s teacher will advise on this.


Please see the document below for our fees and T&Cs

Scale of charges & Terms and Conditions.pdf