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In order to complete the application you will need a Schooble account. A Schooble account provides you with a highly secure single point of access to all aspects of Music Service provision. This will be your own personal account for accessing our service including online payments via WorldPay.

More information is available on the Setting Up A Schooble Account page.


The Youth Orchestra is an extension to the music education undertaken in schools, and as a prerequisite, it is essential that your child takes a full part in the school’s music activities.

Normally, orchestra rehearsals take place every Saturday morning in term time from 10.00 - 12.30 at St.Ninian’s Lower School, Douglas. Obviously regular attendance is essential.


These are numerous and obvious, but the following stand out as being particularly important:

  1. a) General musical and social benefits of mixing with like-minded children from other schools.
  2. b) Receiving concentrated group tuition.
  3. c) The prestige of being part of the Island’s National Youth Orchestra.
  4. d) Being able to take part in residential study courses and foreign tours.


£22.00 per term (plus £21.00 per child per term if transport is required) for which you will be invoiced each term. There is a sibling reduction for membership fees of £19.00 per child. To sign up please do so via your Schooble account.

Transport arrangements

Coaches are provided each Saturday, see separate sheet for details. All coaches depart St. Ninian’s Lower School at 12.45 p.m. for home. Please contact the Music Service office for a bus timetable.